What we
can do

Abcast Foundry provides a complete aluminium and
bronze metal casting service with the technology
required to take care of your requirements quickly and
cost effectively.

We work with our customers to ensure the design, pattern making, prototyping and production moulding are all completed to the highest standard.

Abcast Foundry can arrange for any machining or heat treating of your castings.
Our experienced team has produced quality results for 15 years and are dedicated to
producing work to ensure customer satisfaction each and every time. We work with a
full range of industries, and can provide the solutions you need.

Abcast Foundry offers a traditional moulding method combined with superior service
producing quality product. Your metal casting will be completed on time, in full at A1 specifications.

We are specialist aluminium manufacturers and can assure you of the satisfaction
of doing business with a prompt and reliable team of people. From design to end
product, we can take care of it for you.

Our Services

Aluminium and bronze specialists
Rapid production/prototyping
Plaque makers
Rotational mould tooling
Pattern making
After cast machinery services
Heat treatment